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3 Different Valve Casting Methods

Oct. 08, 2018

For the broad use of valves such as pipelines, transport and industrial manufacturing all require valves for controlling, AoCheng Machinery is your trusted producer and provider for valve manufacturers all around the world. We could make all sorts of Valve Casting elements for check valve, butterfly valve, Ball Valve Body, gate valve, control valve, globe valve, plug valve, and etc.

According to the substance specification and measurements of valve casting components, we could create them in various casting methods:

1. Lost Wax Casting: can create Carbon Steel Parts, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, along with additional cast steel alloys. Lost wax casting is a precision casting way of valve parts, thus we are able to attain fantastic size and tolerances, smoother surface. Stainless steel valve projecting components are commonly utilized in silical sol casting procedure, which is just another lost wax technique. We can utilize this casting procedure of butterfly valves, ball valves, and ect.

2. Lost Foam Casting: This projecting procedure is more acceptable for creating Precision Casting iron valve components, which could also acquire decent surface finish and dimensions, for example net shape or near net shape flap castings will require no machining or only small machining allowance.

3. Sand Casting: A casting procedure for valve casting components. Sand casting is acceptable for both iron and steel valve castings. Compare with missing foam and lost wax castings, it's more suitable to create larger valve parts, so typically, we'll have to depart more machining allowance for more machining operation. The maximum weight we could throw is about 2 tons per slice.

Valve Casting

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