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What Materials Are Used For Investment Casting?

Sep. 19, 2018

If it comes to Investment Casting, many different material may be used. The kind of material used to generate the casting mainly depends on what exactly the casting is used for. Some material work under extreme temperatures, though others have more devote them. Let us take a peek at a few of the various materials which are utilized to create castings.


Aluminum is a relatively elastic material to use. Because of this, it's popular in regards to the casting procedure. Aluminum's rust resistance, high thermal/electrical conductivity, good mechanical properties and durability at high temperatures hence make it a favorite alternative for several casting procedures. Included in these are:

Aluminum Die Casting

Investment Casting

Sand Casting

Mold Casting


Steel is a obviously hard material. Due to that, it's perfect for castings which have to have the ability to withstand excellent wear, jolt or heavy loads. It's also great in regards to corrosion resistance. Steel is often blended with chromium, iron, and nickel. This is done as a way to further enhance its corrosion or heat resistance.


Copper provides excellent electrical conductivity. Consequently, Copper Investment Casting are very popular in the building sector for electric parts. The 1 drawback to aluminum is that it may be subject to surface cracking, porosity, and creation of inner cavities.

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Investment Casting

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