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About High Chrome Iron Sand Casting

Jul. 21, 2018

1. Whether the high chrome iron sand casting shape and structure design are reasonable and the wall thickness design is uniform;

2. Whether there is a big hindrance when contracting;

3. Whether the cooling temperature is slow enough.

The design rationality of the casting and the uniformity of the wall thickness, mainly affecting the structural stress

The stress of a door frame support structure is dispersed at four corners. The stress of a cross rib casting is concentrated at the intersection center point, and the surface appears to be more stable, but the stress is also large, and it is more likely to cause center cracking and deformation. In this respect, reference can be made to the internal cavity design of all bridges, which are mostly not cross or m-shaped cross ribs.

Therefore, careful observation of the internal support design of steel sand casting manufacturer machine tools is box-type, the support ribs are not high, supported along the inner wall of the casting, rather than a simple cross, the bed, the column, the headstock are the same.

The thin-walled part is first solidified and cooled, and the thick-walled part is solidified and cooled, and the time difference of the solidification cooling temperature curve causes the stress of the thick-walled thin-wall intersection, and also determines the stress after the casting is cooled. At the same time, the more the box-type closed-loop structure, the smaller the stress. A ring casting stress is definitely less than the U-piece casting design.

High Chrome Iron Sand Casting

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