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How much do you know about copper investment casting?

Apr. 10, 2018

Copper investment castings are normally made by sodium silicate Lost Wax Casting process. It includes two types: brass and bronze investment casting. Both materials has excellent mechanical property and corrosion resistance so that copper investment casting is used in a variety of industries and applications, including metering, fluid power, hardware and locks, power generation, artistic pursuits and many others.

The normal materials of those copper investment castings are the following:

C83600, C86300, C86500, C92200, C95200, C95800, CA836, 80-5-5-5.

Weight: From 0.003kg to 35kg.

According to the customer request, as a copper investment casting company, we use the CNC machine tools to process each kind of component, widespread application used in military industry, shipbuilding industry, aerospace, machinery parts, medical equipment, arts and crafts, and other fields.

copper investment casting company

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