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Do you know gravity casting?

Mar. 26, 2018

China gravity casting is a mould casting process (permanent). Gravity casting process is done by pouring molten metal into the mould from a vessel of ladle, there is no external force applied other than just. This works similar to the way sand castings are made, however it is possible to control filling by means of tilting the die. There are certain advantages using Gravity Die Casting over S sand castings, these advantages are better mechanical properties and a better surface finish.

The type of components produced from this method of casting and ideally suited for medium and small companies, these castings often weigh about 20Kg and are produced from Zinc based Alloys. This type of casting allows for higher volumes of precision components to be produced, it also a very cost effective method for semi to high volumes with minimal finishing operations required, especially in comparison to sand casting. The equipment used to make this type of casting is called a Gravity Die Tooling and it is able to produce these castings for several years, it should not even require any form of refurbishment during this time. With use of multiple tooling production rates can be greatly increased and the components can also be heat treated to improve or adjust the characteristics.

This is quite a specialised field. As a professional China gravity casting factory, we are focus on producing gravity casting aluminum parts.

China gravity casting factory

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