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Installation Of Breath Valve Parts

Aug. 04, 2018

1.The breath valve parts should be installed at the high point of the tank source to reduce material evaporation losses and to provide a direct and large passage to the breathing valve. Usually for vertical tanks, the breathing valve should be installed as far as possible in the central roof of the tank top. For the tank top, a tank with insulation should be installed, which can be installed near the ladder platform.

2. When two investment casting parts with top quality need to be installed, they should be arranged symmetrically with the center of the tank top.

3. If the breathing valve is used on a nitrogen sealed tank, the position of the nitrogen gas supply pipe should be far from the breathing valve interface, and the top of the tank should be inserted into the storage tank about 200mm, so that the nitrogen gas is not directly discharged after entering the tank, and the purpose of nitrogen sealing is achieved. The all-weather breathing valve works in the open air environment. The ambient temperature changes greatly throughout the year, day and night. To keep the breathing valve in normal working condition, the key is to keep the opening pressure of the breathing valve and the suction valve constant in the breathing valve.

Breath Valve Parts

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