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Introduction Of Casting

Jul. 28, 2018

Top quality Investment casting parts, making a mold, pouring molten metal into a mold, and solidifying to obtain a forming method of a metal part blank having a certain shape, size, and performance. Casting is a process in which a metal is smelted into a liquid that meets certain requirements and poured into a mold, which is cooled and solidified and subjected to a treatment to obtain a casting having a predetermined shape, size and performance. The casting blank is nearly shaped, and it is free of machining or a small amount of processing, which reduces the cost and reduces the production time to some extent. Casting is one of the basic processes in the modern equipment manufacturing industry.

Casting is a investment casting parts with top quality processing technology that has been mastered by humans for a long time. It has a history of about 6,000 years. China has entered the heyday of bronze castings between about 1700 and 1000 BC, and the process has reached a fairly high level. Casting refers to a process in which a solid metal is melted into a liquid form and poured into a mold of a specific shape to be solidified and formed. The metal to be cast is: copper, iron, aluminum, tin, lead, etc. The materials of ordinary casting are raw sand, clay, water glass, resin and other auxiliary materials. Special casting molds include: investment casting, lost foam casting, metal casting, ceramic casting, etc. (Original sand includes: quartz sand, magnesia sand, zircon sand, chromite ore, forsterite sand, kyanite sand, graphite sand, iron sand, etc.).

Top quality Investment casting parts

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