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The application of vacuum pump (I)

Mar. 06, 2018

A vacuum pump is normally used for removing gas from sealed chambers. It is possible to find three different types of pumps that are typically marketed. These include entrapment, momentum transfer and positive displacement pumps. Positive displacement uses mechanical means to move gas out of the sealed chamber. The entrapment pump captures gas that is found in different states. Cryopumps, getters and ion models of pumps are available in this type of entrapment category. The other name for momentum transfer is molecular pumps and this uses high speed blades or jets that rotate to dispel gas from the chambers.

When vacuum needs are moderate to low, a positive displacement pump will do the job. For higher vacuum needs, a momentum transfer pumps work is often used with the positive displacement pumps. When both are used together, the vessel is vacuumed before the high point is achieved.

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