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ASTM A536 standard

Our ductile iron castings are produced to meet the ASTM A536 standard.  This ensures that our customers obtain the engineered properties required for their specific application.  All of our castings are created using the latest heat treatment/chemistry design and controls.

Ductile iron, depending on grade, offers different properties.  A536 Grade 60-40-18, for example, possesses maximum ductility, excellent machinability and low temperature toughness.  A536 Grade 120-90-02, on the other hand, possesses very high strength and wear resistance (though not as wear resistant as ourchrome white irons).  If your application requires moderate ductility and impact resistance, coupled with high strength, you may want to consider ASTM A536 Grade 80–55–06.

And while we have become an international provider of ASTM A536 ductile iron castings, we also produce several other grades of iron including:

High Chrome White Iron

Gray Irons to ASTM A48 Class 20, Class 30 and Class 40;

Heat Resistant Irons to ASTM A319 Class I Type A, Class II Type A and others;

Nihard Irons

Austempered Ductile Irons (ADI)

Ductile Ni-Resist Irons to ASTM A439 Type D-2 and others.


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