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Aluminum Alloy Gravity Casting Technology

Nov. 14, 2018

The process of injecting aluminum into the mold under the action of gravity of the earth is divided into: Sand Casting, metal casting (steel mold) casting, lost foam casting, and the like. At present, the most widely used metal mold (steel mold) casting, the mold is made of heat-resistant alloy steel, the cast aluminum casting strength, size, appearance, etc. are higher than other casting castings.

The Gravity Casting aluminum liquid is generally poured into the gate by hand, and the sample is filled by the self-weight of the molten metal, exhausted, cooled, and opened to obtain a sample. The process is generally: aluminum liquid smelting, pouring filling, exhausting , cooling, mold opening, cleaning, heat treatment, processing.

The characteristics of aluminum alloy gravity castings are:

1. The surface finish of the product is not high, and it is easy to produce pits after shot blasting.

2. The aluminum casting has less internal pores and can be heat treated.

3. The product has low density and poor strength, but the elongation is high.

4. The mold cost is low and the mold has a long service life.

5. Low production efficiency, which increases production costs.

6, the process is relatively simple, not suitable for the production of thin-walled parts.

When the product is selected for production, the choice is mainly based on the wall thickness of the work piece. When the wall thickness of the product is greater than 8 mm, the die casting will cause many pores to be stored in the wall. Therefore, the product with thicker wall thickness can be selected by Gravity Casting Process.

Gravity Casting

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