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Do You Understand Safety Valve Casting?

Nov. 17, 2018

Safety Valve Casting is the normally closed state of the opening and closing member under the action of external force. When the pressure of the medium in the equipment or pipeline rises above the specified value, the medium pressure in the pipeline or equipment is prevented from exceeding the specified value by discharging the medium outside the system . Safety valve castings are automatic valves, mainly used in boilers, pressure vessels and pipelines. The control pressure does not exceed the specified value, which plays an important role in protecting personal safety and equipment operation.

It is a special branch of Valve Casting. Its speciality is because it is different from other valves only as a switch, and more importantly, it is safe to protect equipment. In view of the need for equipment pressure relief, safety valves play a vital role in protecting equipment.

For extreme high pressure applications, the safety valve cast part press part can be forged from the casting or completely machined.

Professional Valve Casting Company tell you for all safety valve castings, the parts that can be moved inside, especially the valve stem, the guiding mechanism, etc, must be made of a material that is resistant to wear or corrosion. Since the seat and disc are always in contact with the process fluid, they must be resistant to corrosion and corrosion. Austenitic stainless steels are commonly used for valve seats and discs in process applications, and hard alloy finishes are sometimes used to enhance durability.

Safety Valve Casting

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